Our Team

Anita Hallewas – Founding Artistic and Managing Director

Anita has taught and facilitated theatre programming for almost 20 years in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK both in schools and within the community.  She has a PhD in theatre from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia with a research area of Refugee Theatre and how theatre might improve the quality of life for people living in refugee camps in the same way she sees theatre increases happiness for people in her own community. She completed her Masters in Applied Theatre at the University of Victoria, BC, with a research interest in Community and Refugee Theatre.

Our Board of Directors

Melissa Hemphill
Sandy Thygesen
Lisa Lamothe
Blair Brennan
Sonia Cinelli
David Pendergast

Our "Welcome Home?" Production Team

Our Board of Directors

Blair Brennan - Director
Memory Uglene - Director
Lindy Silano - Director
Kelly Zurba - Director
Gabriella Draboczi - Director